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Susan B. Anthony
The Invincible!

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From Fidelity Investments appearance Oct, 2014

1)Actress portrayal of Susan B. Anthony in period costume, with actual quotes from her correspondence and diary, to bring the historical figure to 'life' and help us understand the injustices and obstacles that she faced through her long fight to win the women's vote.  Very interesting and educational!

2) Accessible presentation to the non-history buff.  I like the fact that she had questions for the audience as well as the opportunity to ask her questions.

3) Learning about history prevents us from making and/or continuing mistakes of the past.

4) I like the fact that we included young girls from the Boys and Girls Club.

"Thank you again for performing at the Old South Meeting House. Your performance was a great addition to our March Series, "March to the Polls: Massachusetts and the Woman Suffrage Movement," and I am still hearing rave reviews from our visitors(and our staff!).  It was truly amazing."  Aliza  Saivetz

"What a splendid performance.  You captured so well the courage, determination and personality of this woman who gave all Americans so much." Ted Zalewski- SoloTogether founder      Performer -Teddy Roosevelt

"I admire a woman like Miss Anthony who had to stand up to a lot of criticism.  That is a very fearful thing.  Even now I wish this program could get into all the schools.  Her message is one that still needs to be heard."  Ilene Kaplan, Avon Free Library show, CT

" Since your performance, I've run into a few of the women who attended and they can't say enough about how great you were.  Bravo!!!  T. K.- Program Planning   Time Warner, New York City

"On behalf of the League of Women Voters of Connecticut Education Fund, I want to thank you for yesterday's informative and inspiring performance.  Your ability to capture the sweep of time, the lowly status of women, the long struggle for woman suffrage, and the indomitable character of Susan B. impressed all.........your performance helped us reflect upon the sincere debt of gratitude we owe to Susan B. Anthony, her colleagues and their "successors".......  C. D. LWV CT  5/2010

"My wife and I would like to thank you for the wonderful presentation of your talk enacting Susan B. Anthony last Friday (10-3-08) in Concord.  Having gone to Oberlin and the University of Rochester we really knew quite a bit about her and you considerably expanded our knowledge.  Your presentation was a pleasure to see and hear.  Thank you." Ann and Chuck Winterling

"Thanks so much for your energy and enthusiasm while sharing Susan B. Anthony with our eighth graders yesterday......the students said that the history made sense to them after seeing it "in person."   Alison Levy -social studies teacher - Essex Middle School VT  (5-21-09)

"We had a wonderful event at the Rockport Elementary School last week (3-07).  As part of a LSTA grant, Sally Matson was hired to come and play the part of Susan B.Anthony as an introduction to a biography unit for fourth graders.  She is very believable, sends lots of curriculum materials well ahead of her visit, and spends time after the presentation taking questions from the children.  She is very respectful of the children, and does not talk down to them in her presentation......I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone to hire in the area of history, biography, or elections and voting.  Her presentation is appropriate for 4-8."  Patricia Hussey, Librarian, Rockport Elementary School, MA

"People are still talking about your eloquent and incisive performance.  As a retired librarian I have a special respect for the research that must have preceded the creation of the role of Susan and her supporting cast. That you combined so much information in such an accessible and entertaining format is a great credit to your dedication and artistry. Thank you for a stimulating and provocative evening."  Betty Clark President- Friends of Cary Memorial Library  Lexington, MA

"Many thanks for your magnificent performance and gentle spirit."   Arthur Brisbane Child Treatment Center  Farmingdale, NJ

"You are the personification of her spirit. Your dress, your manner, your humor, your research, your obvious mission to spread hers, and your professional delivery all come together for a truly great performance."  Carol Devers, American Association of University Women, New Caanan, CT